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Lectures on MR - Susceptibility weighted imaging and quantitative susceptibility mapping  
Vom Montag, 6. November 2017
Bis Mittwoch, 8. November 2017
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Goals of the course:
Progress in Susceptibility weighted imaging and
quantitative mapping has opened a new window into tissue composition and microstructure. The aim of this 3-day course is to teach participants the fundamentals of this fast growing field. The course will cover the physical basics of magnetic susceptibility, susceptibility weighted pulse sequences, and reconstruction methods to produce qualitative and quantitative susceptibility maps. A special emphasis will also be put on clinical and preclinical applications. This course is dedicated to MR physicists, basic scientists and clinicians who already have a basic background in MRI.

The course will cover
• Theory of magnetic susceptibility
• Formation of bulk susceptibility in biological tissues
• Pulse sequences and implementation issues
• Methods for phase processing and background field removal
• Strategies for solving inverse problems
• Validation of biophysical contributors to magnetic susceptibility
• Clinical and preclinical applications

Educational level:
This course is intended for MR physicists, basic scientists and clinicians who have a working knowledge of magnetic resonance basics and who wish to expand their knowledge of qualitative and quantitative susceptibility mapping. To improve students' understanding of susceptibility mapping related problems, specific examinations will be done with MATLAB. The status quo and challenges for clinical applications will be discussed. This course also includes an excursion to a SQUID magnetometer.

Details and Registration:

Ort Graz/AT


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