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Lectures on MR - Small animal MR imaging  
Vom Dienstag, 17. Oktober 2017
Bis Mittwoch, 18. Oktober 2017
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Goals of the course:
The course on Small animal MR imaging will address basic technical and practical aspects of MRI with emphasis on demands for small animal application. The lectures will provide basic knowledge about the major aspects of appropriate animal handling, anaesthesia and of monitoring and maintaining a stable physiological state during imaging. Specifically, sensitivity issues and the impact of physiological motion will be addressed. Different strategies to deal with respiratory and heart motion will be introduced. The course will introduce requirements and methods of small animal MR spectroscopy and give an overview of preclinical applications of MRS. MR methods for neuroimaging and functional MRI will be introduced in detail and novel approaches such as optogenetic fMRI will be discussed in detail.

This course will emphasize
• Small animal physiology, gating techniques, tissue processing and preparation
• Basic principles and methods of MRS
• Introduction of advanced neuroimaging MR methods such as BOLD, MEMRI, DWI and DTI
• General overview of preclinical MR applications
• Introduction of optogenetic fMRI and multimodal functional neuroimaging

Educational level:
The course is intended for scientists and students with a strong interest in small animal imaging. A background in MRI is helpful but not mandatory. The lectures will focus on applications and practical issues. The major aim of the course is to detail the particular requirements for small animal MRI and MRS, including maintaining stable physiological conditions and advanced MRI and MRS techniques for preclinical imaging. The course will further introduce multimodal neuroimaging including optogenentics.

Details and Registration:

Ort Barcelona/ES


26. - 27.11.2018 Translational Biomedical Imaging (TraBI) 2018 Konferenz Wissenschaftszentrum Schloss Reisensburg, Günzburg, DE

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