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Lectures on MR - RF-Coils: Design and build your own  
Vom Dienstag, 20. Juni 2017
Bis Donnerstag, 22. Juni 2017
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Goals of the course:
The course on RF coils: Design and build your own provides an overview of the basic principles of designing, constructing and testing of RF coils for both animal and human scanners. Practical sessions will cover approximately 50% of the course, in which participants will learn to build surface and volume RF coils relevant to their particular interests. Characterization of RF coils including S-parameters, Q-measurements and optimization, B1 calibration and mapping, measurement of E field and assessment of parallel imaging performance will be also part of the course. The course is designed for basic scientists and engineers but also has been attended in the past by clinicians, radiographers, applications specialists and other MR users interested in gaining a better insight into RF coil technology.

This course will enable you to
•Understand the behaviour of circuit elements used to construct RF coils
•Understand the concepts of resonant circuits, quality factor and the effects of sample loading
•Design impedance matching networks
•Construct baluns and cable traps
•Get first-hand experience with test equipment used in RF coil design
•Design and build a single-tuned surface RF coil
•Understand the theory of volume resonators
•Design a single-tuned birdcage RF coil
•Understand the effect of RF shields
•Understand the different designs for multiple-tuned RF probes
•See the principles of software packages for RF simulations

Educational level:
This course is intended for scientists and engineers who have a basic knowledge of mathematics and simple electrical circuits. Attendees should have a working knowledge of magnetic resonance basics.

Details nad Registration:

Ort L'Aquila/IT


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