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ESMRMB - Lectures on MR - Create your own echo: How to generate, calculate and manipulate echoes Bearbeiten  
Vom Montag, 20. Juni 2016
Bis Mittwoch, 22. Juni 2016
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Course description:
The design and understanding of rapid imaging sequences seems to be a carefully sealed and treasured secret. A train of RF pulses and gradient pulses produce an unmanageable amount of echoes, and these echoes have to be combined and selected very meticulously to produce a useful signal for rapid imaging. How big should we choose the spoiler gradient within a gradient echo sequence, and what do we spoil? Can we use a HyperEcho to reverse a gradient echo sequence? What is the steady state and its resulting contrast?

Learning objectives:

  • Description of magnetisation in spatial and Fourier domain
  • Signal formation in rapid gradient echo sequences
  • Signal formation in rapid spin echo sequences
  • Special rapid imaging techniques
Ort Tübingen/DE
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26. - 27.11.2018 Translational Biomedical Imaging (TraBI) 2018 Konferenz Wissenschaftszentrum Schloss Reisensburg, Günzburg, DE

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