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ESMRMB - Lectures on MR - Quantitative MRI for characterising brain tissue microstructure Bearbeiten  
Vom Montag, 6. Juni 2016
Bis Mittwoch, 8. Juni 2016
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Course description:
This course is designed to provide a broad foundation of quantitative MRI of brain structure. Quantitative MRI is of increasing importance, since it is comparable across time points and imaging sites. It also offers a higher specificity for the underlying physical and biophysical contrast mechanisms, facilitating its interpretation with respect to brain microstructure. Recently, these methods have been used to determine local myelin concentrations and different axonal properties. The access to information about structure much smaller than the nominal voxel size opens new possibilities for in vivo biomarkers and may make in vivo “histology” possible. This course is aimed at PhD students and scientists new to quantitative MRI who wish to acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills in this domain. The course will be split in two parts, with approximately half the time spent attending lectures and the other half doing practical MATLAB tutorial exercises.

Important note on MATLAB tutorials:
For best experience, attendees are asked to bring their own laptop computer with a MATLAB installation (Version 8.3/R2014 or later), since only a small number of computers will be available locally. If you cannot bring your own computer and/or MATLAB, please contact the ESMRMB before registering for the course.

Learning objectives:

  • T1 mapping
  • PD mapping
  • T2 mapping
  • MT mapping
  • DWI
  • Gradient echo for T2* and susceptibility mapping
  • Biophysical models and interpretation of quantitative MRI data
  • Quantitative MRI in group analyses
  • Neuroanatomy
Ort Leipzig/DE
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